Latin - Mexican Folk Art Craft

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In our Store you will find some of our Mexican Art Craft Products. We just started with our Website and we have still a lot of work to do before the Site is done. For the mean time we will just have a few items in our Web Store but we have a listed a lot of our Art Products on eBay. Please check on the left side and click on our eBay Store.

We sell Huichol Art, Mexican Textile Art, Mexican Talavera and Pottery Art, Prehispanic Percussion Instruments, Woodwind Instruments, Woodcarving Art, Paintings and many more.


All Percussion Instruments Aztec Dance Equitment Woodwind Instruments Huehuetl and other Drums Teponaztlis Rainsticks / Palo De Lluvia Huichol Art Products Otomi art Mexican Talavera Art Oaxacan Black Clay Pottery