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Critic Cao Lin, vulnerable emotional problems: their words and weaknesses, the identity of a disadvantage and psychological disadvantage determine their emotional speech, in the discourse advantage elites should sympathize with and tolerate such emotional and rational to eliminate opposition to tolerance emotions Due to the huge investment in the construction of the three-wire, the period of the "3 by 5" Mainland proportion of the country's total infrastructure investment of up to 70 Ray Ban Wayfarer Express it another way, many Western social theory asked "Why is Europe?" And then, after the rest of the world are excluded from the development process, ask "Within Europe, why is England?" But if Jiangnan or Guinea or Gujarat, with, say, compared to Serbia, for better candidates for long-term development - or that they certainly - Why do not completely cancel Chau units directly to compare the core area? We may often fold back the introduction of a more traditional units, when they look useful - after all, an important fact: England has its own government, the government has established a relationship with its colonies and other trading partners, Jiangnan not - but if we introduce these traditional units too early, they will impede our vision rather than help it, because we never even sufficient comparability to begin our work For example, the Yunnan Tobacco relying agricultural products, cotton in Xinjiang, Sichuan, wine, feed can also rely on money of agricultural and sideline products, of course, not just rely on agricultural and sideline products, engage in deep processing and finishing Ray Ban UK Give full play to the small towns transferred to absorb the agricultural population, to solve the surplus labor transfer of employment in place an effective carrier role, combining the construction of small towns and the development of the private economy, farmers into small towns really live and work However, if we do not consider the unity itself is how to generate constantly changing diversity, we will not be able to understand and appreciate the diversity of the world Improve the quality of the population is an important foundation to enhance the sustainable development of the poor areas, we should understand the importance of the issue of population and development of human resources from the height of the sustainable development of poor areas In other words, their differences can be discussed, compromise can be agreed on the basis of compromise or consensus In this period, the first-generation development concept is further emphasized the speed and scale of the economic growth It is due to the objectivity of human needs, was produced to meet the needs of a variety of social production

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