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eat not to buy some embarrassed. Add the price on the market than other fruits or vegetables to, also a little a bit higher, because their good taste good, all also can accept. With the passage of time, to buy food and more people, letter they also didn't really get busy. Big tomato others sell two pieces, letter they sell the two pieces of two, but their home to eat a tomato flavor, appearance also beautiful, not like other tomatoes, knead up like that very hard or soft. And after Bryant taste said with a sigh, "this is the taste of authentic tomatoes, with more than 10 years of tomatoes taste the same." me just smile and said, "of course, home of the kind of Moncler Jackets natural mature, those, is not mature will take down and beat accelerating ripening agent just become red tomato than where to." Small tomato is more expensive, and to three dollars a jin, this is when sold fruit. Buy it didn't buy big tomato were many, but a buy is several jins, sales pour also is not bad. TianNuo corn a look good, almost all in a catty of above, simply on selling, three dollars a. See letter snack on their own, curious to follow eat two teeth on, found that really sweet taste delicious, and buy two back of people many delicious jabuticaba Popsicle. Watermelon is always in the summer people thirst quencher but also love most, letter they talk Moncler Sale to ensure that watermelon is absolutely the mature, can cut the scene, not cooked don't money. As for flavor, taste will know that the mouth, enough sand sweet enough. Therefore, a piece of WuYiJin watermelon sell well, followed by TianNuo corn. Tomatoes although delicious, but each and every day buy less about a kilo. Chili kind of belong to vegetables, and many other things pick up is to buy. As for the letter they sell peaches, most people will be prohibitive. Especially the peach, a more than a kilo, 10 yuan a kilo, which a more than ten dollars to, is worth the money every day dish. The result is asked, buy almost no. Letter they don't try so hard, t Moncler Outlet

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Posts: 20

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