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to get a few bottles are often." "No wonder." The old man way 1, small mouth the product up. By this time the meat also familiar, one a, from a small, and carefully chewing the taste, in product a bite of wine. A small bamboo chicken, half bowl of good wine, is a big day. Early morning, three no delay, start early, pack up the left yesterday bag, take things a points, down from the mountain, lee first two people no home, on the way back the medicines and bamboo chicken threw it into the space. Although not into the space can't and the young monk exchange, but that bad boy should know what to do, and not to worry about is no lee, the space of the crop has been little monk good care of, also don't know he is the small plate of how waved a hoe. Back home to grandma made a greeting, sleep a day, tomorrow the to C city, do not know the ginseng sold to ZhouYan should find another medicine shop sells, dozens of bad o shots. PS: system problems, update late, sorry. Chapter sixty-four sell update Moncler Sweaters Men time the 2011-6-12 11:12:45 ginseng words: about 2144 wild and price problem, none ever bought a lee gifts, 18 grams of wild and spend ten thousand dollars, this is still the most inferior we, weight is bigger, the price is higher, on a two 50 grams or more, at least, is 500 yuan per gram, even more valuable than gold. The wild and box is equipped with photos, signature, stamp certificate, some with sealed up, standard weight etc...... Space ginseng up came out about two, 100 grams left and right sides, as for one thousand years, more than 500 grams of ginseng that was legend only, the modern climate environment can hardly let ginseng natural growth over more than 20 years. Lee is not to want to make the one thousand ginseng out, only need in the space of three years on the line, but this stuff can't even sell out, caused a sensation is too small, will certainly bring untold trouble. To try is of some, all when the play. Find a carpenter made dozens of boxes, red cloth render, we pu Moncler Sale

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