Latin - Mexican Folk Art Craft

                                   ABOUT US !  


                    ABOUT US

We are specialized in Percussion Art, Huichol Art, Metal Art, Ceramic Art, Woodcarving Art, Paintings, Textile Art and lots of other Art Types. Thank you very much for visiting our Website. We are a small team of two people and work together with more than 30 different artisans from different ethnic communities. We also work together with several manufacturers in different locations here in Mexico.

I was born in Rostock - Germany 32 years back but I have lived for the last 12 years in Mexico. I have obtained my citizenship 2 years ago and I am very proud to be a Mexican now. My partner Miguel  Angel (54) was born in Taxco, Guerrero – Mexico, he studied in Portland – Oregon USA but has lived the last 30 years mainly in Acapulco running the family's hotel and after it was sold, in different States here in Mexico. We both currently live in San Miguel de Allende where most of our artisan friends live. 80 % of our Art comes from Tepoztlán and San Miguel de Allende Mexico. Both are famous and are referred to here in Mexico as ‘’Magic Towns’’.

We offer you to get rare Mexican Folk Art and Percussion Art direct from the producers. Most of our products are unique pieces and we take care in selecting them for you and have added them for sale here in this Website. Also please take a look at our Photo Section and you will see a lot of different items which we have or had and if you see anything you like, please let us know and we will get it for you. We speak English, Spanish and also German.


                                                              David J.M.  

                 Wir sprechen auch Deutsch !

                     Tambien hablamos Español !



                                                    Miguel Angel M.V.



We both love to travel and to learn more about our beautiful country and its magical places and culture. Our government does little to support our traditions and artisans. Most artisans which come from different ethnic groups are very poor and come from very small villages up in the mountainous regions.

They don’t have access or the knowledge to easily sell their art and sometimes they have to trade their work as artists in order to work in their fields, as they aren't  able to support their families just with the art work. Our idea is to help them to sell this beautiful art they make because that will keep our Mexican traditions alive and it will help other people to learn more about them. We want to create new Circles for people who love Prehispanic Music, Instruments and other Mexican Folk Arts.

We have gained a lot of experience on Ebay and also made it to ‘’POWER SELLER’’ with a 100% positive feedback. We are also verified Paypal users and we had over 800 happy Transactions in the last year.

It’s a pleasure for us doing this Website because we hope to meet a lot of new friends from all over the world and we would love to have you join us as a new Member. We have made a lot of friends in the last year, a lot of them are members of Aztec dance groups, that’s why we dedicated a special place in our Site for people who love Prehispanic Music and Mexican Folk Art.

You can contact us anytime if you have any question or if there is anything that we can do for you.

David  or



If you want to be our partner and sell our selection of products at your local place, please let us know and we can offer you a larger quantity of our products, wholesale prices and combined shipping discounts.


 Here are some photos of our local stores located in San Miguel de Allende.                          


                                         Hand Painted Clay Catrina Figures


                     Hand Painted Coconut Masks and Hand crafted Jewelry 



            This is the store from one of our Huichol Friends which we work with.


 This is Carina, she is from the Huichol community and also works together with us.



                     This is one of our local artisan store's who manufactures tin art for us.


                                          Here are some of our Textile Crafts.


                              This textile art is made by our friends from the Otomi community.


                                      Here are some Exvotos, hand painted on metal.


                                          One of our Amuzgos Art Craft Stores.


                                          One of our Amuzgo friends, who makes hand painted clay and amates.


                                                        Oaxaca Textile Art


                         Tomas Ramirez, he is the artist of all our Amate Bark Paintings.


                               Some of Tomas Ramirez hand painted  Amates.


                                      Here are some more of our Amuzgo art products.


                                 More hand crafted products from our Amusgo friends.


 Here is a photo of our Huichol friend Rosendo De La Cruz Navarrete., he and his family are the artists behind our larger Huichol products.


                                         Some of Rosendo De La Cruz Navarrete. Huichol art beauties.


                       An array of smaller Huichol Pieces from our Huichol Friend Mario.


                           Here is Miguel with a nice piece made by Rosendo De La Cruz Navarrete. family.