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Since we had a lot of success in eBay we are opening now our own Website where we will provid a lot of information about Mexican ethnic and native folk art craft and prehispanic instruments.

We have sold a lot of Mexican Folk Art and percussion products in the last years through eBay and shipped all over the world. We have 100% positive feedback and we also made it to  ‘’Power Seller’’ and ''Top Rated Seller level on eBay.


In our Site you will find a lot of information about the evolution of Prehispanic and Mexican Instruments and other Mexican Art. Also, we want you to learn more about our Mexican artisans who are the producer of our products. We work together with people from the Amuzgos, Nahuatl, Huicholes, Otomi and Mazahua ethnic communities. You will find a selection of very authentic , typical Mexican Folk Art and direct from the craftsmen.  

 You will find a lot of rare Mexican Folk Art. All our art pieces come direct from the producers and are 100% hand crafted Mexican products. By buying any of our Items you will be helping Mexican people to maintain their traditions, Arts, Crafts and heritage alive.


Please go the 'Photos' section and take a look at all the Arts & Crafts which our producers make. Most pieces are unique but if you are interested in one or more of the items, let us know and we will make them for you or get you a similar one. For any questions please feel free to contact us.

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                                                          Huichol ''Toro Cebu''


 Here is one of our Huichol Art pieces. We have a very good and long relationship with several Huichol families. They do a very unique and beautiful art. The main pieces they make are yarn paintings and all kinds of figures which have different colored plastic beads attached to them.


                                                         Huichol Yarn Painting

 You also will find among our items, Huichol Yarn Paintings, Bracelets, Mexican Pottery and Talavera, Mexican Metal Art, Prehispanic Percussion Instruments, Textile Art, Aztec Traditional Dance Equipment, Masks, Alebrijes, Amate Paintings, Wood Carvings, Religious Art, Ceramics and many more. And if you are looking for something but we don't have it, please let us now and we will help you to find it. 


                                             Hand carved Copal Wood Teponaztli


                                             Big Ayacahuite Wood Huehuetl